Business-Class Wireless

Cambium Product
For Your Wired/Wireless LAN Needs

DCS's network offerings include Wired/Wireless LAN/WAN design, install, and management that is fully capable of meeting all your networking needs.

Our offering includes features such as:

    • Network Instruments
    • Network Analysis
    • Wireless Access
    • State-of-the-Art Firewalls
    • Support For Secure Voice Over Wireless
    • World-Class Network Management
Full Suite of Integrated Solutions

As your employees become increasingly mobile, real-time, innovative network services and applications are critical to maintaining your company's agility and competitive edge.

Because DCS understands how important it is for companies to have fast, secure, cost-effective, and reliable access to real-time core business applications, we have partnered with some of the leading providers of Wired/Wireless LAN (LAN/WLAN) products and services to deliver mission-critical network solutions.

Technology Partners: