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For Your Analog and IP Telephony Needs

Does your phone system need to be upgraded or replaced in order to better accommodate the growing demands of your business? Have you heard that you "NEED" Voice over IP? If so, turn to DCS for a phone system that won't break the budget and is guaranteed to maximize the efficiency of your workforce, and more importantly, the quality of customer service provided by your company.

Our phone system specialists will work with you to design and install a customized telephony configuration and feature package that will minimize costs while maximizing employee productivity and the level of service you provide to your customers.

Wildix Phone Solutions
From Start to Finish

Today's telephony systems using analog, digital, or IP technology are complex, and as such, require a highly skilled team with a comprehensive project management process in place to ensure successful deployment and ongoing care.

Our DCS team provides the setup and support you need to feel confident that the telephony solutions we install are a perfect match with your budget and business requirements.

    • Full Suite of Integrated Solutions
    • Telephony hardware and hosted solutions that employ feature rich functions for your business.
    • For Best-of Breed Equipment and Application Providers
    • DCS provides telephony equipment and applications from some of    the leading providers in the industry today.
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